"I sought out ketamine therapy as a last resort to treat my anxiety and long-standing depression. Little did I know that it should have been one of the first stops I made in my journey to bettering my mental health. It is a rather intimidating experience at first because Ketamine does essentially relax you to a point that you are semi incapacitated, so it takes a bit of courage to get sat in that chair—but I implore anyone that is on the fence to take a leap of faith. Everyone’s individual experience with Ketamine varies greatly, so it’s difficult to say how your experience will be. While I did have one very intense hallucinatory treatment at the end of my session package, It wasn’t the norm, and it would not deter me from continuing to use Ketamine therapy as a tool in my mental health arsenal going forward. Important for me to remember during my sessions was that the intensity of the session does not dictate whether it’s “working!, it’s all beneficial in aiding healthy neuroplasticity. I would also recommend to have a therapist that you feel comfortable with and are working with simultaneous to treatment. From beginning to end, Aimee and Joey made the experience uncomplicated, nonjudgmental, safe and productive, and one that I am extremely grateful for! While it wasn’t a panacea, especially since many people need ongoing treatments, it did kickstart an extremely positive period in my life. I look forward to more sessions in the future to help me stay on an overall better mental health path! Thank you!" 

"Joey and Aimee are very compassionate and friendly medical providers looking to help make a difference in people's general well being. They are pioneers in the area by being the first to expand ketamine treatment to this region. Their services look to offer an alternative solution to people who have been stuck without success in their other treatment options. I personally have suffered with daily anxiety from work related stress for 8yrs and the results of my treatments have been amazing. I was able to stop taking the medication I have been on for many years after 6 infusions and 2 maintenance infusions. I also find the experience of the infusion to be deeply therapeutic and feel very safe navigating the process with Joey and Aimee looking after me. If you are struggling with whether or not to try a ketamine infusion I can personally say this process changed my life for the better and that my symptoms of anxiety are more or less gone from my life. I urge you to really sit back and let yourself be fully immersed in the infusion process and trust that the Jackson Hole Ketamine Clinic has your back."

"Receiving infusions at JHKC has been one of the most rewarding and freeing experiences of my life. After years of increasing medications and feeling lost within myself I realized I was tired of feeling like I was not living my own life. I took a big leap of faith and got a referral to JHKC. Joey, Aimee, and their team did a great job of making me comfortable and creating a safe place for the infusions. Setting simple and meaningful intentions before each appointment was very helpful to get the most out of each infusion. By the end of the recommended sessions, I feel like I learned how to truly relax for the first time in my life. My experience has left me less anxious, less emotionally reactive, and joyful. Sometimes, I catch myself genuinely belly laughing and it almost brings me to tears. I'm so grateful for JHKC for being an option and one of the tools available in my journey of self-improvement."

"For my depression and anxiety, Nothing has come close to working as well as ketamine. I had tried a few different medications over the years, but they never really seemed to make any significant change in how I felt, and I didn’t like the daily reliance on a pill. After my ketamine treatments, there has been no denying that a major shift happened and I am now much happier and relaxed than I have been in years. I went from “moderately severe” to “no depression” on a scale used to rate depression! My experience has been life changing and I am so grateful to Aimee and Joey for their patience, kindness and discretion through this process."

"Ketamine infusions at JH Ketamine Clinic have dramatically improved my quality of life. Living with painful chronic migraine accompanied by depression and anxiety was debilitating. Aimee and Joey are the best. Their personalized approach to delivering ketamine treatments is truly special. My experience has been positive in every way and I highly recommend them."

"I’m confident in saying that you consistently took every measure possible to provide proper care. From the actual treatment to having flexible and open communication, I always felt like you both were there for me. Several times, without asking, you went out of your way to be methodical and to find ways to better suit my needs. On a personal level, I feel really thankful to have met you both and I wouldn’t want to have done this treatment anywhere else."







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